iTRIP is the brand of high-quality rally meters, rally computers and other accessories designed both for amateurs and professionals. Created with the newest technologies, they provide the greatest precision of time measure. They are easy and quick to use, too. iTRIP devices work perfectly well in every type of race. Wide offer of our products guarantees that you will find the best model for your vehicle, starting from classical car, to off-road to motorbike and quad.

Precise. Reliable. Easy to use.

This is iTRIP brand, high-quality rally meters, rally computers and time-measures accessories. Designed to work in every condition, on every track and in every vehicle. And to bring satisfaction to everyone.

On road and off-road, in car and in motorbike, in mud and dust: with iTRIP devices time measure will be always equally accurate.

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Metromierz tripmeter i-102