Tripmeters and sensors accesories

Tripmeters and iTrip sensors are devices, that provide: precise measurement, effective analysis and clear presentation of the parameters of the route. However, for their comfortable operation you can also use a whole series of additional accessories. These elements will make the use of the tripmeters and sensors a lot easier, and their working synergy allows to use the specific rally car equipment functions.

Mounting as well as the use of the tripmeters is not always running typically. Difficult mounting or equipment modifications sometimes does not let to use the sensors and the tripmeters properly. It was for this very purpose that we created a number of additional elements, bundles and cables, that does not only allow to mount the devices easier and faster, but they also allow to install the equipment in custom conditions.  

Accesories present in the offer are not only additives. Primarily they are devices that increase the tripmeter working efficiency that is crucial during rally. All additives are not only compatible with the iTrip devices, but they can be also used with the equipment from other brands.

Displays for the drivers

Compatible with the tripmeters. modern and showing chosen parameters is only several features of the innovative displays, which allow drivers to be up to date with the route parameters.