Applications for android OS.

Every owner of a smartphone with android system don’t have to worry about buying a tripmeter anymore. From now on the presentation of the route data has never been so easy.  Applications for android OS are a perfect proposition for everyone, who value a clear data display and a comfortable usage.

Application independently or while cooperating with an s-1 driver allows the calculation and effective presentation of almost every measurement, that is connected with the route that is being covered. Using a smartphone in that case gives the user a comfort of control and a readability display. Such possibilities will support the effectiveness of the ride and will increase the chance for a greater score.

The quantity and quality of the data presented in the application is enough for rally pilots, who subordinate their route to the precise measurements.
Tripmeter a-2 application

Tripmeter a-200 application is a program that is dedicated for the drivers, who value the perfect measurement of the route. Application allows the cooperation between the module of the S-1 tripmeter, which gathers the information about the covered road thanks to the two sensors mounted near the wheels and the GPS module.

Application is not only a very precise measurement device, but also a perfect data presentation and easy handling. All the information appears on the screen of a smartphone or a tablet, and the usage is carried out using a touch screen.