Smart Speedtable app

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Aplikacja do rajdów na regularność Smart speed table

Are you a fan of effective and modern solutions? Are you looking for software that can help you take part in regularity rallies?

The purpose of this application is supporting the crew, that take an active part in regularity rallies. The principle of operation is brilliant in its simplicity. It allows to automatically calculate the perfect road and the perfect time taking into account changes in the speed valid for a given stretch of road.

Particularly interesting function is signalling of events on the route. This function allows providing information about the position of the vehicle relative to the ideal passage understandably. Additionally, signalling earlier events it makes navigating easier and minimalizes the chance of overlook an accident on the road. In practice, it allows to prepare for the maneuver sooner. Using this application allows pilots to maximize time for navigating and measuring the road.

Thanks to the readable display of the tablet or smartphone both the driver and the pilot receive the information about incoming maneuver.

Using this application provides signal messages about the perfect time for both the pilot and the driver, allowing faster and more precise reaction without the need o the information exchange. Inclusion of the application in the equipment of the vehicle will really affect on the final score of the route that is being covered.

This application has the option of synchronization with the administrators watch or the GPS standard time. Start to the route section can be carried out manually or automatically at the indicated time.

Necessary data preparation for application functioning is fast and intuitive. It is based on entering the length and the average speed describing the route section. Data is manually entered with the help of proper function. Application can work with the route section description, which have up to 100 situations of the route. Competitors who strive for perfect driving can enter into the application the situation description, which doesn’t change the average speed, but who want to have their perfect time calculated and have the sound signalling before the maneuver.

To make the preparation of so many descriptions easier, there is a function in the application that reads the data from the memory. Data can be prepared on the PC or Mac, and then copied to the smartphone or tablet.
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Cechy charakterystyczne aplikacji

Czytelny wyświetlacz urządzenia Android

Wyświetlacz urządzenia Android zapewnia czytelne i kontrastowe prezentowanie parametrów pomiarowych. Wygląd aplikacji dostosowuje się automatycznie do ekranu urządzenia. 

Od jakości urządzenia Android zależy prezentacja wyglądu.


  • automatyczna zmiana prędkości średnich
  • sygnalizacja następnej średniej
  • wyliczanie drogi idealnej
  • wyliczanie czasu idealnego
  • wyliczanie czasu odcinka
  • sygnalizacja czasu idealnego dźwiękiem i kolorem ekranu
  • tworzenie plików z opisem odcinka
  • autostart na podstawie zegara urządzenia
  • możliwość synchronizacji czasu aplikacji do czasu rajdu lub GPS