Amplifying module and speed signal dividing module

Designed for a trouble-free assembly.

Amplifying module and speed signal dividing module for tripmeter
Are you afraid that the tripmeter is not reading the speed signal properly? Do you see that the route is not charged while slow driving? You don’t know how to solve this problem? You don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Amplifying module is a functional and reliable device, that a lot of us needs. Its main purpose is allowance to connect tripmeter to every type of speed signal. A lot of vehicles are using the speed sensors with custom signal level, by what tripmeter is not always keeping up with a precise measurement.

In this case amplifying module and speed signal dividing module is a base. Deciding buying this module you receive a device that:

- Amplifies the amplitude of the speed signal
- Divides impulse quantity
- Converts the signal through NPN, PNP inputs
- Makes signal quality better

Every rally driver value efficient devices but the ones that are brilliant in its simplicity are more often used. Module assembly is a formality and the benefits that is coming from the device working can not be replaced.
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Sensor characteristics

Amplifying module benefits
Universal capabilities of the device allows for the trouble-free fitting of the tripmeter to the speed signal in the vehicle. Module has built-in connector for a speed signal with a regulated amplification. Speed signal input with a stable switching level can be also found here. Built-in divider allows to fit the number of impulses to the tripmeter capabilities.

During the fitting module does not need the usage of soldering iron, because the amplification regulation and matching division is based on the jumper transfer.

Module is equipped in an innovative signaling system of impulse counting and power control, thanks to that everyone will receive a practical tool, which can be priceless during the rally.


  • wytwarzanie impulsów elektrycznych do metromierza
a także:
  • podział liczby impulsów sygnału prędkości
  • wzmacnianie amplitudy sygnału prędkości
  • konwertowanie sygnałów na wyjścia NPN lub PNP