Inductive speed sensor

Universal, functional, modern

Inductive speed sensor to tripmeters
Do you like functional devices? Are you looking for a speed sensor, whose mounting won’t take you much time?

Inductive speed sensor is a device you need.

This device detects the metal element that is close to the end of the sensor. Sensor is mounted near the element, which reflects the movement of the vehicle. Most often it is mounted near the wheel hub, where it is detecting the movement of the wheel pins end or additional elements. It can be mounted near the drive shaft detecting the movement of the shaft cross or additional element attached to the shaft.

Every approach of the metal element to the end of the sensor is detected by the sensor, which sends the electrical impulse to the tripmeter.

iTrip speed sensor is a device that is perfect for all types of vehicles. It is a universal and precise equipment.

Sensor fits to all types of iTrip tripmeters.
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Sensor characteristics

Inductive sensor benefits
  • easy assembly
  • usually it does not need any additional cooperating elements


  • wytwarzanie impulsów elektrycznych do metromierza