iTrip speed sensor with CAN

Practical tool for rally and tests.

iTrip speed sensor with CAN to tripmeter
As a rally driver you value introduction with the road? Are you using the civil car ot the car from the car rental service? Do you like tools, that make the work a lot easier?

iTrip CAN-B speed sensors is the device, that fists your requirements perfectly.

Technically advanced sensor allows the direct connection to the digital bus of the car and uses the information that is located there, passes the readable signal to the tripmeter.

CAN-B sensors are perfects tool for work, because it will fit a lot of civil cars and the ones that left the factory lately.

Practical character of the sensor allows the connection directly to cars OBD connector with the help of specific cables. These connections are not causing the loss of warranty for cars, because it leaves no marks of usage.

Sensor allows to create about 1100 impulses per kilometer of the covered route. Connected trip meter demands calibration on the episode provided by the administrator or other model road section.

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Sensor characteristics

CAN sensor benefits

The device not only needs no interference in the car but also demands no tools for the connection to the car. Simplicity of assembly needs only connection of the sensor plug to cars OBD connector. CAN-B sensor is a perfect proposition for amateurs and proffesionalists in the rally trade, who want to check the route while riding a civil car.

Sensor can also be used in rally cars that have built-in CAN digital bus. It will replace the sensors mounted near the wheels or gearbox


  • wytwarzanie impulsów elektrycznych do metromierza