iTrip speed sensor with GPS

Precise measurement was never so easy

Czujnik prędkości iTripz modułem GPS
As a rally fan you are looking for a universal solution? You value the reliable and precise gear? Are you looking for a sensor that will be easily mounted and used?

iTrip speed sensor with GPS module is a product, that was prepared especially with the thought of demanding drivers, that don’t want to spend a lot of time on assembling the traditional sensors, and their tripmeters does not offer a road measurement based on the GPS. Innovative mechanism of creating the speed signal allows the connection to every tripmeter available worldwide.

Modern approach to the sensor software allowed us to achieve stable calibration. It doesn’t matter if you have just changed your tires or you decided to change the gearbox. This sensor will work in your case.

How to use it?

Calibration of the tripmeter will become pleasure, because all that is takes is to type the calibration factor, which value is offered by the sensor. Calibration has always the same value – the switch of the tires, their size or change in the drive system does not matter. Mounting is based on connecting the power and placing the antenna in the place, where the sky can be visible.
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Sensor characteristics

Benefits of the sensor with GPS module
  • Ease of assembly
  • It does not require additional elements


  • wytwarzanie sygnału prędkości ( impulsów elektrycznych ) do metromierza